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Rebuild Math Classrooms

Nassau County, New York, 2012

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, many schools in New York and New Jersey were faced with severe water damage and the contamination of classrooms and materials. Many students' homes were destroyed and school-loaned study resources were lost. Schools that were spared were faced with surging enrollments and lacked the needed learning materials to equip relocated students.

Through the Rebuild Math Classrooms effort, six schools received needed math manipulatives and other materials, thanks to the generous support of our donors. Schools that benefitted include:

"We are determined to restore our schools to a luster that our families and children rightfully deserve. Your donation will be a great assist in that effort. Thanks for thinking of us and please know that we are eternally grateful."

Roy Lester, School Board President

Long Beach Public Schools


“The materials ordered will allow us to rebuild our classrooms to afford students the opportunity to learn mathematics through hands-on learning.“

Cheriese Pemberton, Director of Mathematics

Long Beach Public Schools