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Other resources for actuarial research

These resources on this page provide information regarding research papers, reports, studies, journals, articles, and discussion forums relating to finance, health, life, pension, and property & casualty.

The Foundation also encourages you to learn about the research activities of its five supporting actuarial organizations.


Research Papers, Reports & Studies

Actuary/Actuarial Related Financial News

Research proposals and current and past research projects at RiskLab.

The Field's Institute
Financial Mathematics Activities: The broad objectives are to disseminate and conduct applied research in the nascent field of financial risk management.

Bachelier Finance Society


Risk Waters Group Web site
Leading provider of specialist information to the financial industry (magazines, journals, reference guides, and directories).


Research Papers, Reports & Studies

Office of Health Policy
Research Activities - Spring 1999

Research Web Sites

Actuarial Research Corporation
Analysis of health insurance coverage trends for the U.S. government, international governments, and firms. (search "about ARC" then "resources")

Office of Disability, Aging and Long-Term Care Policy
Research PROJECTS conducted by and/or for the Office, grouped by topics and may be listed under more than one heading.

AARP Report: Older Adults and Their Health Insurance

Center for Health Services and Policy Research, Canada

Agency for Health Care Policy and Research
Includes research projects, small project grants, conference grants, and National Service Awards. Readers are reminded that findings usually are not available until a project ends or is nearing completion.

University of Missouri Health System
Missouri Model Spinal Cord Injury System Research Projects (Search "MU Health")

University of Southern California
Lists research on the value of pharmacy "cognitive services."

Watson Wyatt Research & Publications


General Information
Includes actuarial information and resources for life actuaries, mortality and demographic data, and a life and annuity discussion forum.

RiskLab Research Papers

Injury Risk Management Research Center


Research Papers, Reports & Studies

Research Institute of America
Includes hot topics, helpful tools, and news items. Discussion Forum

Contains information regarding retirement and pensions.
(search "research")

American Risk and Insurance Association

Lists links for insurance research.

Employee Benefit Research Institute

Social Security Administrative Law Research

AARP Research Center

Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER)
WISER is an independent nonprofit organization devoted to educating women about retirement issues. This site provides a variety of sites helpful for finance, health, life, pension, and property & casualty actuaries.
WISER Women - Home


Balducci's Actuarial Preprint Service
Actuarial researchers around the world are encouraged to make their research and working papers available on the Web.

Includes site listings for actuarial research.

Society of Actuaries
Lists areas of research interest.

Links for people doing research on insurance related topics.

University of Iowa
Lists technical reports from the University's Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science.

Heriot-Watt University
Includes links to research on a wide range of actuarial topics, with particular concentration in actuarial and financial mathematics and applied probability.

Darwin Rhodes
Includes links to actuarial, pensions, and insurance topics.

Ultimate Insurance Links

Publications, Journal Articles, and Conference Proceedings

Actuarial and Financial Mathematics

International Risk Management Institute

Center for Risk Management and Insurance Research


Probability and Statistics Journals on the Web

Concordia University Libraries
Lists many sources in mathematics and statistics.

Research Journals

Other Organizational Sites

Institute of Actuaries of Australia

International Actuarial Association

LIMRA Research