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As people mature and embark on different paths in their lives, they take on an assortment of risks. They offset many of these risks through the purchase of different kinds of insurance. The Actuarial Foundation provides the following free resources to help you assess your personal risk to better understand the type and level of disability and property insurance you may need.


If Disaster Strikes Will You be Covered?
A Homeowner’s Insurance Guide to
Natural Disasters

Use this informative guide to learn about the varying levels of homeowner and renter insurance and what you may need to be certain your property is adequately insured for disasters such as floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes.

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Managing Retirement Decisions: Taking the Long-Term Care Journey                         

Long-term care may not be the first thing people think about as they approach retirement, but it is a subject that may require many decisions along the retirement road.  Managing Retirement Decisions: Taking the Long-Term

Care Journey, produced by the Society of Actuaries, reviews the major


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Disability Insurance: A Missing Piece in the Financial Security Puzzle
What are the chances you will become disabled at some point during your working years. What could happen to your personal finances if you become disabled? This book will help you answer these questions and more.

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Financial Smarts Newsletter 

Providing consumers with the insights they need to make informed decisions, Financial Smarts covers today's most pressing topics. 

Auto Insurance: Coverages and Deductibles

You purchase auto insurance to protect yourself financially for the risks you

face when driving a car.  Learn about deductibles and the different types of

auto insurance and what they cover in the winter 2013 Financial Smarts


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Disability Insurance

American workers face a one-in-three chance of incurring a disability during their working lives. Learn what disability insurance covers, what it costs and why it matters in the fall 2012 Financial Smarts newsletter.

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Flood Insurance   

If your home suffers damage due to a flood, you may need flood insurance. 

Learn what a flood insurance policy covers, the definition of a flood and the

questions to ask before purchasing flood insurance in the spring 2013 Financial Smarts newsletter.

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Long-Term Care Insurance

While long-term care insurance may not be foremost on the minds of those

approaching retirement, it is a subject that may require many decisions along

the retirement road.  The summer 2012 Financial Smarts newsletter covers the

costs associated long-term care insurance, what it covers, and why it is an

important consideration in retirement plans.

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Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is health insurance to help you pay for your pet’s veterinary care in the event of a costly accident or illness. With pet insurance, you never have to choose between the health of your bank account and your pet’s life.

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Renter's Insurance

Many renters fail to realize that they face a number of the same risks as          

homeowners. If you are renting a home, townhouse or apartment, you should

consider having renter’s insurance on your personal property in the event of a fire,

theft or some other catastrophic event.

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If Disaster Strikes

Is your home covered for a natural disaster?  Learn the steps to protect your home in the summer 2011 Financial Smarts newsletter.

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These materials are intended to provide general information and should not be used as a substitute for legal or other professional advice. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in these materials were true and accurate at the time of publication. Some information may have changed since publication and therefore may be outdated.