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Financial Literacy

Expect the Unexpected With Math®

Plan, Save, Succeed!

Grades 6-8

In Plan, Save, Succeed!, the seventh installment in the Expect the Unexpected With Math® series, students follow 14-year old twins Jason and Amy as they use key financial literacy topics such as budgeting, income, saving and credit to purchase a used car when they turn 16.

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Topics Covered

Plan, Save, Succeed! is designed to supplement existing instruction of these financial literacy topics:

  • Financial responsibility and decision-making;
  • Planning and money management;
  • Saving and investing;
  • Income and careers; and
  • Credit and debt.


Students will:

  • Understand how a budget is created and how it can support good financial decision making;
  • Understand that mastery of fractions, decimals, and percentages can help address real-world situations;
  • Begin to consider the role saving plays in financial planning;
  • Understand how taxes and other deductions account for the difference between gross and net pay;
  • Understand the difference between voluntary and involuntary deductions;
  • Calculate the dollar amount of deductions by applying the relevant percentage to gross pay;
  • Understand the importance of saving and the differences (advantages and disadvantages) between certificates of deposit (CDs) , checking, and savings accounts;
  • Understand the difference between simple and compound interest; and
  • Use fractions, decimals, and percentages to calculate interest.

Plan, Save, Succeed! is aligned with NCTM and common core state standards.

About Expect the Unexpected With Math®

The dynamic lessons and activities in the Expect the Unexpected With Math® series use story lines that students find interesting to show them the fun and relevance of math. Motivate your students to achieve math success in the classroom and in real-world situations outside of school!

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