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Has a teacher asked you to give a presentation during a career day or other event at your local middle school? Have you gone into a classroom presentation empty handed? Did you find it difficult to engage the students or talk about the actuarial profession? If so, that is about to change with the resources available below.

First, there is a Powerpoint presentation, written by an actuary, that you can present to a middle school class for a career day:

Actuary Career Day Presentation (PDF)

You can also present one of the lessons from the Expect the Unexpected With Math® middle school series. The Actuarial Foundation has a Classroom Guide for Actuaries for most of the titles in the series, which uses interesting, memorable story lines to show students the fun and relevance of math.

Download the actuary guides and classroom materials below, then present these exciting materials to a classroom near you! Each Classroom Guide for Actuaries contains:

  • Tips for preparing for your first school visit.
  • Specific instructions on presenting the Expect the Unexpected With Math® materials.
  • Advice for communicating to students in grades 6-8.
  • How to explain what an actuary is and does.
  • Examples of the importance of math in other career fields.

Actuary Guides and Classroom Materials

All materials are in pdf format. Contact the Foundation at for availability of printed materials.


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