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Data and Statistics


New! Data Sampling

Grades 6, 7, 8 and Advanced

Data Sampling, the ninth installment in the Expect the Unexpected With Math® series, is a cutting-edge digital program designed to give students multiple opportunities to dig deeply into the mathematics and real-world purposes of representative sampling.

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Expect the Unexpected With Math®
Cultivating Data

Grades 7, 8 and Advanced

Students will understand key concepts of data analysis and their graphic representations. Entrepreneurial middle school students Jennifer and Lucas have been given ten acres of their family farm to start their own business. They develop and market new products such as organic and exotic vegetables. To make business decisions, such as selecting profitable crops and optimizing promotions, they turn to data analysis tools.

Online Bonus! A custom interactive data analysis tool for teachers!

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Math Academy: Play Ball! -- Explorations in Data Analysis & StatisticsMath Academy
Play Ball! Explorations in Data
Analysis & Statistics

Grades 4-8


Students will learn and reinforce skills for understanding and applying concepts of data collection, representation and analysis in a sports context.

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About Math Academy

Created by teachers for teachers, the Math Academy series features hands-on activities and a fun learning environment for the teaching of mathematics to students. Use these free printable lessons to enhance your classroom instruction while staying true to the academic rigor required by the state standards framework.

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