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Patterns and Functions


NEW! Designing RATIOnally

Grades 6-8


Designing RATIOnally, the tenth installment in the Expect the Unexpected With Math® series is a suite of ratio materials designed to support students in grasping an understanding of ratio and proportional reasoning concepts while highlighting the value of math in real-world situations and careers.

Online Bonus! A digital interactive tool for students!

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NEW! Diving Into the Number System

Grades 6-8

Diving Into the Number System is a new math program designed to support middle school students in grasping crucial foundational number concepts. The program includes printable activity sheets that build skills and elicit critical thinking through an engaging story line on ocean researchers.

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Grades 6-8

Think FUNCTIONally is a new math program that builds key

introductory functions skills and encourages students to succeed in the classroom and beyond by setting skill-building activities in a real-world context. In the program’s printable activity sheets, students will embark on an Arctic adventure with ocean researchers while exercising their critical-thinking abilities.

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Math Academy: Can You See It in Nature? Explorations in Patterns & FunctionsMath Academy
Can You See It in Nature? Explorations in Patterns & Functions

Grades 4-8


Students will build, extend, describe, predict, graph and generate rules for patterns and functions.

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About Math Academy

Created by teachers for teachers, the Math Academy series features hands-on activities and a fun learning environment for the teaching of mathematics to students. Use these free printable lessons to enhance your classroom instruction while staying true to the academic rigor required by the state standards framework.

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About Expect the Unexpected With Math®


The dynamic lessons and activities in the Expect the Unexpected With Math® series is a collaboration between Scholastic and The Actuarial Foundation. These lessons use story lines that students find interesting to show them the fun and relevance of math. Motivate your students to achieve math success in the classroom and in real-world situations outside of school!

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All programs align with NCTM, Jump$tart and/or common core standards.