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If Disaster Strikes Will You Be Covered?



If Disaster Strikes Will You Be Covered?, a joint project of The Actuarial Foundation and The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH), provides consumers with basic information about homeowner's insurance and natural disasters. The guide covers such natural disasters as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, hail, lightning, power outages, tornadoes, deep freezes, and wildfires.

This free guide provides essential insurance information to ensure your investments are protected in event of a natural disaster. Topics include:

  • Insurance coverage needs and how to lower your premium;
  • Appropriate coverage based on living arrangements;
  • Flood insurance;
  • How to reduce potential damages to your property;
  • How to file a claim; and
  • A glossary of terms to use when reading your policy or talking with an agent.

If Disaster Strikes Will You Be Covered?

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