Modeling the Future Semi-finalists Announced

December 13, 2018

The Actuarial Foundation is pleased to recognize 70 teams of high school juniors and seniors as semi-finalists in the Modeling the Future Challenge. These students were invited to submit papers to Phase Two of the Modeling the Future Challenge. The semi-finalists were selected from 215 teams of 873 students who submitted papers for Phase One of the Challenge. These papers required the students to perform high level mathematical tasks and data analysis to solve a set of actuarial business scenarios in the following categories:  automobile insurance, pharmacy benefits and Hepatitis C analysis and treatment.

The 70 teams with correct answers in Phase One of the Challenge will now move to Phase Two, where they will identify one way in which they think a future cure will change healthcare.

Congratulations to each of the students, teachers and coaches who submitted papers for Phase One of the Challenge. Students completing Phase One showed a genuine drive to use mathematics to solve real-world problems, much like actuaries do every day! They are an inspiration for the actuarial profession and for the future of society.

For more information or to volunteer, please visit the Modeling the Future Challenge website: