Math Academy


Created by Teachers for Teachers

Age Group: Grades 4-8

Created by teachers for teachers, the Math Academy series features hands-on activities and a fun learning environment for the teaching of mathematics to students. Use these lessons to enhance your classroom instruction while staying true to the academic rigor required by the state standards framework for students in grades 4-8.

Getting Started | Sample Math Academy Schedule

Format: You may choose to conduct your Math Academy as a school-wide event, grade-level rotation or single-classroom experience. In the single classroom format, you may want to invite a guest speaker to speak with your class about how mathematics is used in their job (rather than putting on a school-wide or grade-level assembly as described in the schedule below).

15 minutes
15 minutes
30-45 minutes
15 minutes

Opening Assembly (Optional)

Directions and Math Journals

Activity Rotations (Per Activity)

Assessment and Closure

Schedule and times may vary depending on format being used.


Are You Game?

Are You Game? is designed to help students understand probability. Objectives: Students will understand and apply concepts of probability while playing games to determine fairness.

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Let’s Go to the Mall!

Let’s Go to the Mall!  is designed to help students understand the connection between various kinds of combinations (multiplication principle and choose numbers) and permutations. Objectives: Students will build, describe and use numerical operations to determine combinations and permutations.

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Fractions, Decimals & Percents

Dining Out!

Dining Out! is designed to help students understand how to use fractions, decimals and percents in the context of restaurants and money. In this day of pay-by-phone, credit and gift cards, children do not have as many real-life opportunities to count money and make change. Objectives: Students will understand and apply concepts of fractions, decimals and percents to count money, make change, figure tax/tips and participate in other restaurant-related activities.

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Patterns + Functions

Can You See It in Nature?

Can You See it in Nature? is designed to help students understand the connection between geometric and numerical patterns (younger students) as well as between patterns and functions (older students). Objectives: Students will build, extend, describe, predict, graph and generate rules for patterns and functions.

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Data & Statistics

Play Ball!

Play Ball! is designed to help students understand the connection between sports, data collection and statistical analysis. As the students play each “game,” they will collect, organize, display and analyze the data from the game results. Objectives: Students will understand and apply concepts of data collection, representation and analysis in a sports context.

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