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For nearly three decades, The Actuarial Foundation has been uniting actuaries to develop and provide award-winning math education and financial literacy programs and resources. Through our math tutoring, competition, and scholarship programs, students gain math confidence and real-world skills that help them achieve brighter futures.

Meet Naomi Nwokoma, one student who has recently achieved success through our STEM Stars Actuarial Scholars Program, just one of many Foundation programs providing students with the skills and resources they need to achieve and lead in today’s challenging world. Congratulations to Naomi on passing Exam P and securing a summer internship as a freshman actuarial science student!

Naomi Nwokoma STEM Stars photo

Naomi Nwokoma

2022 STEM Stars Scholar

"With the scholarship assistance, mentoring, and other supportive services provided by The Actuarial Foundation through the STEM Stars program, I am excited to be moving toward fulfilling my goal of becoming an actuary.”

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