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Math Motivators students in a Connecticut school saw their test scores improve to 45% over the benchmark compared to students who didn’t receive tutoring.
Math Motivators students in a Connecticut school saw their test scores improve to 45% over the benchmark compared to students who didn’t receive tutoring.

Pairing Students with Professionals

Math Motivators offers free math tutoring, online and in-person, to underserved students in grades 3-12 who need and want tutoring but otherwise cannot afford it. The program uses a 2:1 model. Two students of similar ability are paired with one tutor, who works with the students to help them become proficient in math.

Math Motivators is a free, high-quality tutoring program that closes the achievement gap by pairing underserved students in grades 3-12 with professionals and college students with strong mathematics backgrounds.



The mission of Math Motivators strongly aligns with the mission of The Actuarial Foundation to enhance math education and financial literacy through the talents and resources of actuaries. The program also supports the Foundation's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, with approximately 75% of participating students being eligible for free or reduced school lunch, and 70% identifying as Black, African American, Latino/Latina or of Spanish origin.



95 companies supported our mission through volunteering during the 2022-2023 school year.



The number of volunteer tutors reached over 500 during the 2022-2023 academic year.



We served more than 1,500 students in the 2022-2023 school year across our programs.



During the 2022-2023 school year, our volunteers came from 24 universities in addition to the 95 companies that support us.

to Our Math Motivators Corporate Supporters

Our supporters make brighter futures possible.

There’s Always Help When Students Need It

Tutoring through Math Motivators is convenient and gives students like Victoria and Jamil the support they need to improve their math skills.

Students receiving tutoring through Math Motivators

Improved by a mean of 113 points in the SAT course in 2021-22. We prepare students for success on the math sections of the ACT and SAT with a prep course, practice tests, digital learning platforms and a dedicated tutor.

Students receiving tutoring through Math Motivators

Significantly outperformed students who did not receive any tutoring. For example, students receiving tutoring in one Hartford school saw their test scores improve to 45% over the benchmark.

Students receiving tutoring through Math Motivators

Increase their math course grades. In one Iowa school in October, prior to joining Math Motivators, 20 ninth-grade students were earning low Ds or Fs in Algebra. By end of semester, 95% of these students in the Math Motivators program passed Algebra, and 60% passed with As or Bs.

How to Get Involved with Math Motivators



Sign up for FREE online math tutoring. Please ask a parent or guardian for permission if you are under 18. We tutor students from grades 3-12 and early college students.



If you are interested in implementing a program in your school or organization, read and fill out our Readiness Assessment Form.


Actuaries | Volunteers

We need virtual and on-site volunteers to provide local support in the communities where they live and work.


Partners | Donors

If your organization is interested in partnering with Math Motivators or sponsoring an on-site location, contact us today.

What People Are Saying About Math Motivators


Barry Jacobson

Math Motivators Founder

"The kids were working hard, they cared about what they were doing and wanted to do well. They had phenomenal teachers, but those in the inner city didn’t have the money to pay for tutors. I didn’t think that was fair, so I started Math Motivators in an attempt to level the playing field.”

Joe Finch, ASA

Joe Finch, ASA, MassMutual

Math Motivators Tutor

"I am a volunteer Algebra 1 tutor at a Hartford High School. The teacher and the students thank me after every session. It is incredibly rewarding to know I am working with students that need help with math but cannot afford to pay for a private tutor. It’s amazing to see how much impact only one hour has on their confidence.”

Kayla Hill

Kayla Hill

Math Motivators Tutor

"I absolutely love being involved with this tutoring program. The relationship I have with my students is what keeps me coming back."


Grade 8

"I just wanted to say that the Math Motivators program has been helping me so much and that I’m so grateful for the opportunities I have been given this year."


Grade 8

"Being in the group Math Motivators has made me more confident in my thinking ... I thought Math Motivators was going to be a program that just helps me with my math skills, but Math Motivators helped me with my confidence."

Joaquin Camara, ASA, MAAA

Oliver Wyman, Chicago, IL

"My experience with Math Motivators has been phenomenal. The Actuarial Foundation and Horizons for Youth organizers have been outstanding in taking care of logistics so I can just show up and tutor. The students I have worked with are bright, motivated and fun to work with. They inspire me."

Math Motivators Program Site Map

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We can support virtual programs for partner sites in any city in the U.S., and the National Virtual Tutoring Center supports students from any U.S. City as well.

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National Contacts
Karen Lindebrekke, Math Motivators Program Manager
Celeste Alvarez, Math Motivators Coordinator
Korri Rich, Math Motivators Implementation Specialist

New England

Connecticut Hartford
Massachusetts Boston
Maine Portland

In-person Programs
Virtual Programs

New England Region Contacts
Amanda Theriault

Connecticut Contact
Amanda Theriault
Massachusetts Contact
Helen Mao
Maine Contact
Jennie Larson


Pennsylvania Harrisburg
New Jersey Jersey City
New York New York City

In-person Programs
Virtual Programs

Mid-Atlantic Region Contacts
Virginette Scott

Philadelphia Contacts
Damaris Rodriguez
Lauren McBride
Nichelle Lewis
New Jersey and New York Contact
Zakia Rajput


Florida Delray Beach
Georgia Atlanta
Washington, D.C. District of Colombia
Maryland Baltimore
North Carolina Charlotte

In-person Programs
Virtual Programs

Southeast Region Contacts
Virginette Scott
Florida and Georgia Contact
Tareta Hill
District of Colombia, Maryland and North Carolina Contact
Virginette Scott

Great Lakes

Illinois Chicago
Indiana Indianapolis
Minnesota Twin Cities
Wisconsin Milwaukee

In-person Programs
Virtual Programs

Great Lakes Region Contacts
Stacey Muller

Illinois Contact
Linda Martinez
Minnesota Contact
Marie Akins
Indiana Contact
Debby Isenhower
Wisconsin Contact
Jennifer Kresse


Iowa Des Moines
Nebraska Lincoln

In-person Programs
Virtual Programs

Heartland Region Contacts

Iowa Contacts
Korri Rich
Mark Rowley
Nebraska Contacts
Stacey Muller
Dillon Walker


Arizona Phoenix
Texas Houston

In-person Programs
Virtual Programs

Southwest Region Contacts
Karen Lindebrekke
Celeste Alvarez


Colorado Denver

In-person Programs
Virtual Programs

Mountain Region Contact
Karen Lindebrekke
Celeste Alvarez

Pacific Coast

California San Diego
San Francisco Bay
Washington Seattle

In-person Programs
Virtual Programs

Pacific Region Contacts
Karen Lindebrekke
Celeste Alvarez

Giving Back

Jim Broulette served as a volunteer for Math Motivators at Franklin High School in Seattle. A former teacher turned actuary, Jim jumped at the chance to get back in the classroom when he heard about the Math Motivators program.

Inspire. Motivate. Volunteer.

Thanks to generous donations from the actuarial community, the Math Motivators program currently offers free math tutoring at more than 60 sites across the country and online tutoring for those who are unable to attend in person.

Math Motivators FAQs

Volunteer tutors enhance math education and serve as mentors for students in grades 3-12 who do not otherwise have access but need help with math. Math Motivators primarily focuses on Algebra 1 and pre-Algebra, but can support any math subject, including AP Calculus. There also is a free prep program for the math section of the SAT and ACT.

Thank You to Our Math Motivators Corporate Supporters

August 2022 - August 2023

Discoverer ($100,000+)

Pioneer ($50,000+)

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The Math Motivators program welcomes your financial support to run the program, provide incentives for the students, share tutor training materials, and expand the program to more schools and communities.