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If you're savvy with math and numbers, there are plenty of paths you can explore as a middle school, high school or college student. The Actuarial Foundation offers free math resources, scholarship opportunities and competitions to help you grow your skills to become an actuary or work in a related STEM profession.

Want to be better at math? The Foundation also offers support for students who need help and want to improve their skills through free math tutoring programs.

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Why be an Actuary?

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So, What Exactly Does an Actuary Do?

Anywhere there is a risk, actuaries bring value. Find out if a future as an actuary is for you. What's more, The Actuarial Foundation's STEM Stars Actuarial Scholars Program offers high school seniors a scholarship of $20,000 ($5,000 annually for four years). Along with financial support, it includes mentoring, tutoring, immersion experiences and guaranteed internships.

Meet Shenikah Williams

The Actuarial Foundation’s generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. I hope one day I will help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me. After I graduate, I plan to become an Actuarial Analyst and gain my FCAS designation, but knowing that people care to invest in my path makes it even more motivating to continue my goals."

— Shenikah Williams, 2021-2022 Actuarial Diversity Scholarship recipient

Shekinah Williams

Why Be An Actuary 101

It's normal to have question about becoming an actuary, and we're here to help! Below are some FAQs about the actuarial field and why you should consider becoming an actuary. If you have more questions about what it means to become an actuary, please visit Be An Actuary.

Why I Joined Math Motivators

Jamil Chuc, a high school student from Waukegan, Illinois, shares his experience with The Actuarial Foundation's Math Motivators tutoring program. Once he joined, he got the support and resources he needed and saw that his math grades improved.