Meet Our Committees


Maximizing Productivity

Committees help maximize the Board’s productivity by matching members’ expertise to appropriate areas. They allow members to engage with issues more deeply and consistently than the Board could. Committees can research and break down complex issues and present their findings to the Board, which can then move forward to making decisions

Executive Committee

Comprised of Board officers and the Chairs of each standing committee, the Executive Committee oversees operations of the Board; acts on behalf of the Board during on-demand activities that occur between meetings; and performs an evaluation of the Executive Director.

Andy Ferris– Chair
Sharon Robinson – Chair-Elect
Jeffrey Johnson – Immediate Past Chair
Anand Khare – Secretary-Treasurer

Emily Gingrich – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee Chair
Nadine Orloff – Governance & Leadership Committee Chair

Jeremy Engdahl-Johnson – Marketing & Development Committee Chair
Andie Christopherson– Program Committee Chair
Steve Rominske – Risk Management Committee Chair

Audit Committee

Oversees the financial reporting process, the system of internal controls, the audit process and the Foundation’s process for monitoring compliance with laws and regulations.

Ted Lyle, Chair
Nadine Orloff

Stewart Ashkenazy
Travis Lappe

Development and Marketing Committee

Oversees development and implementation of the organization’s fundraising plan; identifies and solicits funds from external sources of support; and is responsible for involvement of all Board members in fundraising.

Jeremy Engdahl-Johnson – Chair
Kelly Cusick - Vice Chair                                    Andy Ferris

Olga Jacobs                                                           Eric Sherman                                                              Steve White

Tonya Manning                                                          Kassie Maroney
Anand Khare

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

Regularly evaluates Foundation programs to ensure they are intentionally built and executed with a goal of promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

Emily Gingrich– Chair
Cande Olsen– Vice Chair
Kelly Cusick

Cynthia Edwalds
Olga Jacobs
Jeremy Engdahl-Johnson

Jeff Johnson
Eric Sherman

Finance Committee

Oversees development of the budget; ensures accurate tracking, monitoring, and accountability for funds; ensures adequate financial controls; recommends financial guidelines to the Board; and oversees short- and long-term investments.

Anand Khare – Chair
Andy Ferris
Rick Jones

Jerry Mingione                                                        Sharon Robinson                                                        Craig Buck

Governance & Leadership Committee

Ensures effective Board processes, structures and roles, including recruitment, retreat planning, Board training, committee development, and Board evaluation; prepares priorities for Board composition; meets with prospective Board members and recommends candidates to the Board; recommends a slate of officers to the Board; and conducts orientation sessions for new Board members.

Nadine Orloff – Chair
Steve Eisenstein– Vice-Chair

Andy Ferris
Jeff Johnson

Sharon Robinson
Richard Veys

Program Committee

Oversees and makes recommendations to the Board to sustain the quality of Foundation programming at a superior level; evaluates new program opportunities and makes recommendations to the Board; establishes program goals aligned with the mission of the Foundation; monitors and evaluates program performance against stated goals; evaluates significant changes to existing programs and makes recommendations to the Board; identifies and oversees opportunities for mutual support among programs.

Andie Christopherson – Chair
Lela Patrik- Vice Chair                                            Nora Benanti                                                          Gabby Brochard                                                      Melissa Hollis

Ted Lyle                                                                Steve White                                                            Cande Olsen                                                            Emily Gingrich                                                        Michael McLaughlin


Risk Management Committee

Provides ongoing identification and assessment of risks associated with existing Foundation program and activities.

Steve Rominske- Chair
Johnny Gilbert – Vice Chair
Eric Clapprood                                                        Alex DeWitt

Florian Richard                                                        Joanne Spalla                                                              Chad Wischmeyer

Allan Cohen
Elizabeth Sander