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As a teacher, parent or educator in a young person's life, you play an essential role in shaping the next generation. The Actuarial Foundation promotes math achievement that contributes to financial literacy through tutoring programs, scholarships and an array of free, interactive, real-world math resources. Learn how you can get involved and utilize our programs and resources to help the students in your life succeed!

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Modeling the Future Challenge

The Hardest Math Problem Student Contest

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There are so many ways to get your students involved with The Actuarial Foundation's resources and tutoring programs. From signing up your student for FREE math tutoring to reviewing materials together, there are options for your desired level of engagement.

Meet Vo Nguyen, High School Math Teacher

The answer to bridging the gap in math education is the quality of education and how well teachers are trained to supplement, engage and connect real-world applications for students. Teachers play a key role in influencing students to pursue a higher math growth mindset, and it is quite hard when math is not highly regarded.”

A Passion for Math Education

Vo Nguyen, underwriter turned math teacher shares his journey about how and why he got involved with The Actuarial Foundation’s Modeling the Future Challenge.