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Researchers continually find that American students are not prepared to apply math in real-life situations, which puts them at a disadvantage when they enter adult life. Falling behind in math today doesn’t bode well for having exciting and rewarding STEM careers tomorrow.

There are so many ways you can help strengthen and educate the public in pursuit of a secure financial future.

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Our math education programs are proven and proactive

When students use our programs, we move them away from the routine memorization of complex formulas to using numbers as tools to ask creative questions, see the world’s patterns and ultimately, think logically to solve problems.

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Give back, volunteer, donate

We provide free math and financial literacy resources that engage students with real-world situations to improve their math skills and their confidence. We invite you give more students the opportunity to flourish in STEM careers.

Math Motivators tutoring session

A Rewarding Experience

“I started volunteering with The Actuarial Foundation about 20 years ago, when an inner-city Chicago middle school asked for help to enrich their students’ math experience. The Foundation provided the school with learning materials and also with actuaries who volunteered to help the students with various after school activities. Seeing the students connect the dots and understand math concepts was a very rewarding experience."

—Sarah J. Hamid, Retired Senior Manager at Ernst & Young


Passionate About Math Education

Jim Broulette is part of The Actuarial Foundation family. He has always been passionate about math education. His first job after college was as a math teacher, and he later worked as an actuary at Milliman for nearly 38 years. As Jim transitioned to retirement, he realized it was time to return to using his math skills to help young people achieve a higher quality of life. He shares his experience as a Math Motivators volunteer tutor and the importance of giving back in this video.