Advancing Opportunities: 30 Years of Actuaries Unlocking Student Potential

Mission and Vision

For three decades, we have dedicated ourselves to transforming the landscape of math education in the United States, providing free resources to empower young minds. Our focus is on igniting the passion for mathematics and fostering the next generation of problem solvers, innovators, and leaders. Over the years, we have impacted countless lives, and now it's time to commemorate our journey in a grand way.

As we stand at this remarkable milestone, we are privileged to invite those who have made our success possible on an inspiring journey with us. We have many fun activities planned during 2024 and hope you will see one or more that interest you. Feel free to contact Michael Marion with other ideas.

The actuarial profession has rewarded us, our families, and our respective industries — it’s our time to give back.

Kayla Hill


Mission: Math

To expand awareness of the Foundation's crucial work and celebrate 30 years of success, we will create four podcasts during 2024. Our guests will include key stakeholders within the actuarial community, including dedicated volunteers and TAF program participants.


Counting Success

A social media campaign illustrating how the world has changed over the last three decades. Follow us on social media to get in on the fun!


Monthly Giving

Become a Math GEM

Looking for fun, easy gift ideas as we celebrate our 30th anniversary?

Monthly giving is a simple way to offer your regular support and will help us continue to adapt our services and to change lives through math education and financial literacy. Thank you for your generosity!


30 Years of Learning

Besides celebrating 30 years of math milestones, we need your help preparing for the next 30. We are looking for volunteers to host fun FUNDraising and/or FRIENDraising events at their place of work, actuarial club meetings, or other venues. A TAF-themed birthday party? Pub Trivia? Talent show? The possibilities and potential for fun are endless!

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Community Spotlights

Stars in Our Community

The Foundation would not be where it is today without our donors and supporters. We are grateful for the time and effort our volunteers, donors, and supporters put in to make our mission possible. Read about the stars in our community in the Foundation blog and learn how you can help!

Virtual Gala

Watch the Gala!

Help us celebrate 30 years and join us virtually for a night of celebration as we work to enhance math education and financial literacy, and advance diversity, equity and inclusion.

A Look Back

The Actuarial Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, is the philanthropic organization for the actuarial industry in the United States. Since 1994, the Foundation has promoted lifelong math education and financial literacy through its learning resources and scholarships. The mission of the Foundation is to enhance math education and financial literacy through the talents and resources of actuaries. The Foundation’s vision is an educated public in pursuit of a secure financial future.

Hover over the elements to learn about each milestone!

Actuaries come together to form The Actuarial Foundation.
The Foundation launches the Advancing Student Achievement Program, which provided funding and actuary mentors to support innovative math enhancement programs that bridged the gap between classroom and real-world mathematics.
The Foundation partners with the Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER) to provide "Making Your Money Last for a Lifetime" booklet.
The Actuarial Foundation begins a partnership with Scholastic through the program Shake, Rattle & Roll.
The Foundation begins to manage the Actuarial Diversity Scholarship.
High schools across America welcome the Foundation's Building Your Future financial literacy curriculum.
The Math Motivators tutoring program launches in Hartford, Connecticut. It quickly expands into other cities and continues to thrive.
The Foundation unveils a new logo, website and establishes the Loyalty Society to recognize consistent, long-time donors.
The Foundation launches the Modeling the Future Challenge, a real-world competition for high school students that combines math modeling, data analysis and risk management.
The Foundation celebrates 25 years of excellence.
Launched ECC Campaign in 2019 to raise $5 million and closed in 2022 to scale and grow our programs. The campaign closed early having met the goal earlier than expected.
Virtual Tutoring Center launched in April 2021.
The Foundation launches the STEM Stars Actuarial Scholars Program with the goal of increasing diversity in the actuarial profession.
The Foundation pilots its new Money Mentors financial literacy program for high school students.
Actuarial Diversity Scholarship merged with STEM Stars Program in October 2023.

The Actuarial Foundation is a Joint Effort

Since 2004, The Actuarial Foundation has received unwavering support from the U.S. actuarial organizations. Their trust and dedication to the Foundation’s mission are key elements to our continued growth and success as the philanthropy for actuaries in the United States.