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What was your path to becoming an actuary? Maybe it was straightforward. Or perhaps you explored several routes before landing on the profession. Regardless, your experience and story are important. The next generation of actuaries are out there and need your inspiration and guidance. Your mentorship, tutoring and support may offer just that stroke of inspiration and motivation that makes a lifetime of difference for a student. The Actuarial Foundation offers free math and financial literacy resources, scholarship opportunities and competitions. Learn how you can help develop skills in young people to become an actuary or work in a related financial profession.

Supporting the Next Generation of Actuaries

Help the next generation pursue their goals of creating a sound financial future for communities. Learn about the tutoring, mentoring and scholarship programs we offer. Then visit our Volunteer Hub to find out how you can get involved.

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Meet Bob Conger

One memory from my second month of Math Motivators tutoring always brings a smile to my face. It was a wonderful moment of shared jubilation with Jordan, one of the two middle school students I was tutoring one hour per week at their school. Jordan usually had been pretty comfortable with math, but he was having trouble making the leap into the world of algebra, with its inscrutably sinister casts of unknown “x” and “y” characters. Not only his math but also his very self-confidence was starting to suffer. On Wednesday afternoon, as Jordan worked on a particular set of challenging algebra problems, I could see—from the light in his eyes and from the way he was gripping his pencil—that the pieces were falling into place. He finished the problem set and exclaimed to himself with excitement, “I think I’ve got this!”

— Bob Conger, Actuary, Volunteer

FAQs for The Actuarial Foundation Volunteers

There are so many ways to get involved with The Actuarial Foundation as a mentor, tutor or volunteer. You'll be surprised how flexible the options are, from just a couple hours of your time to longer-term opportunities.

Education: The Key that Unlocks Learning Potential

Through an array of educational initiatives, The Actuarial Foundation is dedicated to minimizing risk through maximizing education by providing the tools to help improve math and financial knowledge for all.

Your gift allows the Foundation to continue to adapt our free math education and financial literacy programs, resources and scholarships to meet the needs of teachers, students and parents today.