Daniel Morales Ruiz

As a grant writer here at The Actuarial Foundation, I’m mainly tasked with identifying new and potential funding opportunities for TAF while also managing grants and reports from our existing partners. I was previously at Erie Neighborhood House where I was also a grant writer, a role that I’ve been fulfilling for a little over three years now, and prior to that I was at the Adler Planetarium and was an editorial intern at the American Library Association. I earned my Bachelor of Arts in English from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I’m driven by my passion for writing and love for the versatility of the English language. It’s my desire that, as a grant writer, I can continue to use my writing in ways that can improve communities and design a more progressive future for society. I’m a cinephile, which is to say I enjoy watching movies a lot, mainly horror, and have a habit of critically analyzing their content. I also enjoy playing video games and going on adventurous walks through the woods with my dog.