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A Guide for Prospective Board Members

We are excited about getting to know you better and talking with you about the Board’s projects and needs. Perhaps you already know about the Foundation and what we’ve accomplished in the past 28 years, or maybe you just know the name and have yet to discover our role in the actuarial industry. In any case, the Foundation is active in several areas of math and financial literacy. We are the only philanthropic organization for the actuarial profession. Donor support, corporate sponsorships, membership organization support, and grants fund the cost of our programs and make our work possible.

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees is responsible for defining and upholding the organization’s mission, vision, and values, and for providing overall leadership and strategic direction to the organization.

How We Work

The Foundation relies on our expert full-time staff, several part-time staff, and nearly 1,000 dedicated volunteers spread throughout the U.S. Currently our Executive Director oversees the organization, including but not limited to: administration, programming, development, marketing, and volunteer management. The Foundation’s Board focuses on strategic planning, financial oversight, organizational assessment, professional networking, and fundraising. We are currently seeking new board members who can expand our capabilities in those areas plus strengthen our connections within the actuarial industry. The Foundation Board members are active in representing the organization at industry events, reviewing financial reports, fundraising individually or through events, and supporting our programs and administrative needs in their committee work.

A Worthwhile Commitment

The Board of Trustees has three two-day Board meetings throughout the year and our committees meet at least one time per quarter. We communicate frequently using email, web-based Board portal, and phone- and computer-based meeting tools. Board members are custodians of the public’s trust to fulfill the Foundation’s mission. In doing so, Board members enjoy great satisfaction when they see their efforts culminate in raising awareness for our programs, raising funds for the organization to support our growth and thus our impact in the community, and educating the public about math and financial literacy.

Please contact me or any member of the Board with questions and comments. A Board member or I will contact you to discuss next steps. Many thanks for your interest in aligning with and supporting The Actuarial Foundation.

Jason Leppin,
CFRE, Executive Director

Get to Know The Actuarial Foundation | Our Mission

The Actuarial Foundation’s mission is to enhance math education and financial literacy through the talents and resources of actuaries.

  • Create and maintain programs that align with our mission, expand the number of people we serve, and generate funding.

  • Identify and develop financial resources to grow the Foundation and assure long-term financial sustainability.

  • Advance the operational stability of the Foundation and its ability to be nimble and innovative when responding to opportunities and challenges.

  • Build a strong, diverse organization that creates a culture of well-being and productivity for staff and volunteers.

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Your support allows the Foundation to continue to adapt our free math education and financial literacy programs, resources and scholarships to meet the needs of teachers, students and parents today.