Enriching Lives Through Real-World Math Competition

May 28, 2024

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Volunteering has always been an important part of my life, allowing me to give back to the community while pursuing my passion as an actuary. Over my career, I have had the privilege of working with the Actuarial Foundation and it has been a truly enriching experience.

While working in Houston, I had the opportunity to be a part of the Enhancing Student Achievement program, organized by the Actuarial Foundation. This involved visiting local elementary schools and teaching math games to students. It was an incredibly rewarding experience to work with the students at Kelso Elementary in Houston and see the young minds engage with math in a fun and interactive way. Witnessing their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn was truly inspiring. As an actuary, I understand the importance of a strong foundation in mathematics and being able to support the development of that foundation for these children was truly fulfilling.

After some time off from volunteering to focus on exams and my family, I am thrilled to be involved with the Actuarial Foundation once again. This time, while working at Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated (RGA) in St. Louis, I have been volunteering for the Modeling the Future Challenge. This challenge not only allows me to utilize my expertise as an actuary but also gives me the opportunity to witness the incredible talent and innovation of students. As a contest entry judge and symposium speaker, I have had the privilege of witnessing the students’ brilliant solutions to real-world problems. It is inspiring to see how they apply their skills to make a positive impact on the world.

At RGA, we create models to solve problems to work towards fulfilling our purpose: to make financial protection accessible to all. The Modeling the Future Challenge aligns with this thinking, creating models to solve real-world problems. It is humbling to witness the dedication and creativity of the students as they tackle complex issues. Their fresh perspectives and innovative ideas remind me of the importance of continuous learning and thinking outside the box.

Volunteering with the Actuarial Foundation is not only personally fulfilling but also a great way to develop new skills, expand your network, and gain a broader perspective. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals, learn from experts in the field, and contribute to meaningful projects that address real-world challenges. The Actuarial Foundation provides a supportive and inclusive environment that values the unique contributions of each volunteer.

So, I invite you to be open to volunteer opportunities with the Actuarial Foundation. Explore the various programs and initiatives they offer and find a role that resonates with you. Together, we can make a difference and inspire a brighter future for mathematics education and problem-solving. Join me in becoming a part of this incredible community of volunteers who are dedicated to creating positive change.

— Lindsay Meisinger

The Actuarial Foundation thanks RGA for being the Presenting Sponsor for our Formula 2024 Virtual Gala- Empowering Students Through Math Education.

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