Staying sharp in the summertime

July 11, 2024

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With summer heat, holidays, vacations, county fairs, and fun grilling in the sun, it can be easy to lose track of our good habits and unintentionally backslide on our goals for mind and health. Here are some good ways to keep your mind sharp and active during the summer months.


1. Is there a book you’ve been wanting to read? Make a weekly reading goal. Even better if you can read the same book as a friend or family member and discuss your thoughts together! Pick something light and positive or deep and philosophical—whatever strikes your fancy.


2. Learn a new skill by signing up for a group class. Sports, musical instruments, singing, crafts. The possibilities are endless!


3. Refresh your mind and attention and take a total break from technology during time off or on a weekend. Or, if you can’t get away from all calls and texts, take a limited break. Stay present without checking your phone and seek healthy analog ways to pass the time when you’re free.


4. Sign up for a brain-game app like Lumosity or Prodigy and practice daily, or start learning a new language with an easy-to-use app like Duolingo—maybe the native language of a vacation destination you’d like to visit or are planning to this year!


5. Spark curiosity in students with hands-on science experiments. From homemade volcanoes to building a rollercoaster made out of straws, there are many fun and low-cost options to choose from!


6. Try an elimination diet or a fast (e.g. no grains or no sugar) for a week or two and see how your energy levels may change. Or instead try fasting from social media or other technology. Always consult your physician before making significant dietary changes.


7. Take a meditation or breathing class. Next time you’re at the park or out in nature, practice what you’ve learned for a vacation of the mind. Focus on your surroundings and bring your center back from wandering thoughts.


By staying sharp in the summer, you can be ready for the fall with confidence!


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