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How to Build Your Actuary Resume

Make your actuary resume stand out with these five tips.

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

As we celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week, The Actuarial Foundation is honored to support teachers.


Math Teacher Challenges

The challenges that math educators face affect the actuarial talent pipeline.


Pursue Your Dreams

Advice for high school students who want to attend college.


Understanding Math at a Deeper Level

The Modeling the Future Challenge makes it easy to teach practical math to high school students.


The Road From Underwriter to Teacher

Making an impact with math.


Former Educator to Master Trainer of the Modeling the Future Challenge

The MTFC opens the door to seeing possibilities with math through a problem-based learning approach.


Bringing Real-World Math Examples to the Classroom

A former math teacher shares her perspective on Expect the Unexpected with Math.


The Power of Questions

Asking questions during tutoring shows the student what they know and what they don’t.


Engage Students in Mathematics Through Real-World Challenge-Based Learning

There are three critical components to learning mathematics: engaging, motivating, and inspiring.


Tutor Reflection & Tips

Each Math Motivators tutor brings a unique style to make a positive difference.