The Actuarial Foundation and Hartford Promise announce the first Actuarial Promise Scholarship Recipient

November 6, 2019

Melonie Jackson, Hartford resident and 2019 graduate of Capital Preparatory Magnet School, a Harford Public High School, has been awarded the first ever Actuarial Foundation Hartford Promise Diversity Scholarship. Jackson just began her freshman year at the University of Connecticut and is studying to become an actuary. She first became interested in actuarial science when she participated in Lincoln Financials’ Actuarial High School Case Competition in 10th grade. Through that program, she learned what actuaries do, and realized she liked that line of work. “I always had a preference for math, and I have always cared about social issues, so when I saw that a job in math can be competitive and fun, and be used to find real solutions to problems that people have, I knew I wanted to be an actuary.”

In 2018, The Actuarial Foundation (TAF) and Hartford Promise (HP) formed a partnership where TAF will underwrite any HP Scholarship, up to $5,000/year over four years, or up to $20,000 total, for any Hartford Promise Scholar who also fulfills all of the requirements of TAF’s Actuarial Diversity Scholarship, which promotes diversity within the profession through an annual scholarship program for students from diverse backgrounds. The scholarship award recognizes and encourages the academic achievements of full-time undergraduate students pursuing a degree leading to a career in the actuarial profession. This is a last dollar scholarship, as are all HP Scholarships; HP will also provide scholarship funds, up to $5,000 on a last dollar scholarship basis, for any remainder on the TAF/HP Scholarship recipient’s school bill following application of the TAF/HP Diversity Scholarship.

Hartford Promise is a large-scale College Scholarship Fund and Integrated College Success Program that provides Hartford students the financial resources, support services, and key relationships that lead to college success. The program is based on the principle that investing in education and college success for Hartford students is the most effective way to foster community, well-being and economic mobility and development. Five hundred and forty Hartford Public High School students have become Promise Scholars in Hartford Promise’s first four years of operation.

“Hartford Promise offers a transformative opportunity to make the dream of higher education a reality for every Hartford student. I’m excited to partner with The Actuarial Foundation in offering this unique scholarship opportunity as we continue to build the significant, sustained promise that all our children deserve, and I’m thrilled that Melonie is our first recipient.” said Richard Sugarman, president of Hartford Promise.

The Actuarial Foundation, celebrating 25 years of supporting math education, has been awarding its own Actuarial Diversity Scholarship since 2009. Since then, 389 Actuarial Diversity Scholarships totaling $919,000 have been awarded. To date, over half of these recipients are in the process of taking actuarial exams. Each applicant to the Actuarial Diversity Scholarship has access to an actuarial mentor to guide them on their journey to becoming an actuary.

“The Foundation and Hartford Promise are committed to supporting education. We are so proud to partner with Hartford Promise and give students the access to education and the tools they need to be successful,” said Jason Leppin, executive director of The Actuarial Foundation.

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