Math Motivators National Virtual Tutoring Center launches successful inaugural year

January 25, 2024

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While our Math Motivators tutoring program focuses on in-person instruction and mentorship, our newly formed National Virtual Tutoring Center provides a great opportunity for families who cannot attend on-site sessions in their area. We are thrilled to continue to offer this service around the nation as a supplement to our existing on-site programs, extending our reach and impact.


Our region-based virtual tutoring began during the pandemic as homework help sessions. Parents obtained schoolwork from the teacher for our tutors use with their students. It was a great help to the families, but it came with challenges in coordinating the regions and time zones across our online platforms. What we needed was a way to consolidate our virtual tutoring efforts and streamline the process.


To centralize we started the National Virtual Tutoring Center last summer, with a focus on skill building and test preparation. Since teachers are often unable to give specialized attention individually in the classroom and teach the curriculum at the same time, Math Motivators plays a pivotal role in the students’ success: 1-on-1 help and instruction. Our students take a diagnostic test, and the tutor uses the result to make a custom curriculum for the student. Some students just need a refresher on skills while others benefit from being taught fundamentals in new ways.


We’re excited to continue receiving reports from families and students that confidence and grades are improving. We love hearing from parents like Beverly, who was proud to share that her children, Solé and Luna, were both nominated to participate in a math field day tournament. She wrote a special shout out to their math tutors for helping her children improve so much in math. Great job, Solé and Luna!


“I just have to share that both my girls received the nomination letter from their school yesterday. Thanks to this program, they are shining in math! Special thanks to their amazing tutors from this session and the summer session.”


Thanks to Beverly and all our parents, students, and tutors for a great inaugural year.


Our spring session is gearing up!

To learn more and sign up, visit our website:

National Virtual Tutoring Center – The Actuarial Foundation


Guest author: Virginette Scott, National Virtual Tutoring Center coordinator, Math Motivators

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