The latest collaborations with Scholastic are launched!

October 15, 2018

The Actuarial Foundation’s Expect the Unexpected With Math® series, developed with Scholastic, is well-known for its distinct, interactive math resources. The newest Math Workshop modules have just launched! With these free modules, students can pace their own math learning while building conceptual understanding through ready-to-go digital modules that include:

  • Videos
  • Quizzes
  • Interactive practice
  • Real-world story lines

For students in grades 6-7, there is a new module on ratios where they can work the math on a trip to a pirate-themed mini-golf course. For students in grades 7-8, the new equations module uses a fun story line to help students work the math while making a film about time-traveling astronauts! Check out these new resources here.

Also new to the line-up this year is a middle school math competition designed to help students practice critical thinking supported by accurate computation. Students can show off their skills with ratios and equations by solving a zany problem about a teen using her phone at the zoo…where something quite unexpected happens! Get more details on The Hardest Math Problem Contest here!

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