The Actuarial Foundation announces its largest single personal gift

July 23, 2019

With immense gratitude, The Actuarial Foundation announces its largest, single personal gift in the organization’s 25-year history. Robert Deutsch, FCAS, ASA, MAAA, informed the Foundation of his planned gift of $1 million. This transformational gift will allow The Actuarial Foundation to continue its tradition of providing lifelong math education and financial literacy through its programs and scholarships. Serving as the U.S. philanthropic organization for the actuarial profession, the Foundation provides free math resources and national competitions for middle and high school students, scholarships for students interested in studying actuarial science, and a volunteer-driven tutoring program poised to close the math achievement gap.

Deutsch, who has steadfastly supported the Foundation for decades, including major gifts in 2016 and 2019, served on the Foundation’s Board of Trustees from 2010 through 2015. As a Trustee, he led the Audit Committee and served on the Investment Committee. Currently, he serves as an Emeritus Trustee. What first attracted him to the Foundation was the impact it was making with the math materials it developed and distributed to young students.  As Deutsch says, “The Actuarial Foundation has an opportunity to influence hundreds of thousands of lives by strengthening students’ math skills.  In turn, these students will help drive innovation in America and help us better compete globally.  Math is a foundational building block for so many fields beyond just math itself, such as healthcare, physics, engineering, urban planning and the list goes on.”

Celebrating 25 years of enhancing math education and financial literacy through the talents and resources of actuaries, The Actuarial Foundation is committed to expanding its outreach. The past three years have been especially revolutionary for the Foundation, with a new branding initiative and website, dramatic increases in the number of students served through its tutoring and math competitions, and a revamped financial literacy program.  Deutsch’s gift will ensure that this growth continues. As Jason Leppin, executive director of the Foundation said, “We are beyond grateful for this amazing gift from Bob Deutsch. His generosity and commitment will ensure that The Actuarial Foundation’s legacy of free math education will continue for decades to come.”

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